Introduct Eyecaresoftgelweb.wordpress.com

Introduct Eyecaresoftgelweb.wordpress.com, This time i will try post for my WordPress sites. I will shared information about eye care softgel.

Eye Care Softgel First is the flagship product of the Green World is specially formulated for eye health , Eye Care softgel is made from natural ingredients that extract blueberry combined with natural herbs efficacious such as eyebright , extract of Ginkgo Biloba , Lutein , Riboflavin , Taurine , grape seed extract , VA , and Zinc .

With all the existing content in herbal medicine Eye Care Softgel makes Eye Care Softgel has been proven and tested to have special efficacy in curing a wide range of vision disorders / diseases of the eye , such as eye minus , red eyes , stye , belekan , eyes swollen , itchy eyes , myopic , cylinders , cataract , glaucoma , retinal hemorrhage , etc .
Blueberry extract 35% blueberry fruit has been used since the 16th century in Europe as a traditional medicine to overcome vascular disorders and diseases of the eye because it contains an active substance called antosianosida or better known as antioxidants. This substance is able to build a strong capillary contained in most of the blood vessels in the eye thereby increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery in the capillaries. Increased blood flow to the eyes to prevent ocular hypertension which can reduce the risk of glaucoma. When you get older, the eye cells will begin to be damaged. Blueberries help stop the spread of macular degeneration of the retina from damage experienced by people aged over 50 years. Blueberries also been shown to prevent cataracts, blurred vision and night blindness because of their content of flavanoids which builds collagen in the eye blood vessels and protect eyesight and sensitive areas around the retina.
Bright Eye – also referred to as “the eyes of oral medicine” is used in Europe since the Middle Ages. Help overcome red eye, cataracts, and watery eyes.
Ginkgobiloba – Flavoid contained Ginkgo Boloba can maintain and improve a decrease in retinal function (including diabetes), macular degeneration in the elderly.
Lutein – Karontenoid / organic pigment yellow / orange, serves to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.
Riboflavin – Relieve eyestrain, prevent night, helps in treating eye fatigue and cataracts.
Taurine – improvement of memory and concentration, and maintain eyesight.
Zinc – Eliminate eye strain and eye treatment because, itching, burning and pain in the eye, relieving the symptoms of allergy to the eye.


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